If you’ve been wanting to learn how to huapango but haven’t quite known where to start, you’re in luck. YouTubers Korayma and Antonio have an incredibly helpful tutorial breaking down the basics of this lively folkloric dance from Mexico. Even though the video is presented entirely in Spanish, and the couple may not be professional dance instructors, the demonstrations make it easy enough for any willing student to follow along. Their casual home setting and dress puts you at ease right away:

YouTube video

Learning to dance the huapango is a bit like training for the boxing ring – you’ve got to be light on your feet, bob and weave. First up is the classic one-step huapango. It’s kind of like dancing to a bouncy norteño beat, just faster and bouncier. You’ll want to stay up on the balls of your feet, like you’re constantly ready to jump – because you are! Little bunnyhop steps, shifting your weight back and forth. One foot kicks back as the other steps forward in a quick alternate pattern.

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The key here is to dance loose and relaxed. Don’t tense up or you’ll look like a wind-up toy. Let your hips swivel and knees bend as you bounce lightly. The guys should lead with the left hand holding the partner’s right, giving you both a solid connection as you jump around. And ladies, keep those feet low to the ground – you don’t want to be kicking your partner in the shins all night!

To spice it up, the partners can start doing some flirty turns, spinning around each other. The guy pivots the lady outwards and back in, like they’re orbiting twin stars engaged in a sensual dance through the cosmos. Just don’t pull any muscles as you whip around – stretch first!

Learning the huapangos works best attending a sizzling fiesta. The rhythms are infectious, the energy electric. You’ll burn off some calories and maybe pick up a cute partner in the process. As Korayma and Antonio remind us, these are just some friendly tips, not a professional choreographed routine. So put on your dancing zapatos, let your inner showboat shine, and most importantly – have some fun with it! Olé!

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