This is such a fun video showing the International Kiz flashmob, Kyiv 2019. You’ll probably remember when flashmobs were all the rage. This one is slightly different to some of the other flashmob styles that you might have seen. It doesn’t do the people emerging from the crowd and surprising everyone bit that many of the other flashmob videos do. Instead, it is filmed in such a way that you can get a really good view of the entire group of dancers, with some really lovely ariel shots.

YouTube video

There isn’t a huge amount of info out there about this event – why it was organised or who the people are. Judging by the range of ages in the dancers, however, it’s likely that many of them are kizomba learners ready to show off their skills.

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Kizomba might not be the sort of dance that you would usually associate with something like a flashmob. It is a very precise dance quite unlike the high-energy displays that you might expect to see in these types of videos. But when you watch the video, you gain a real appreciation for the beauty of kizomba.

While the group of dancers are all paired up, they all still dance together as one, and it is really quite mesmerising seeing them all move together in sync. This is perfect for kizomba because while it can be a couples dance, it can also be danced in a group. The group style allows you to really see the precision of the movements whereas the couple style allows you to see the beautiful leading and following techniques. Because this flashmob merges the two styles together, it gives you a chance to see all the ways in which kizomba shines.

If you’re interested in joining a kizomba flashmob where you are, you might just have the opportunity. Quite a few different kizomba companies organise yearly kizomba flashmobs and one of them might have a flashmob going near you soon!

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