Hi all! Check out this video of Jojo and Mickaela from the Paris Kizomba Congress showing off exactly what it was about their dance partnership that took the Kizomba world by storm! Unfortunately, they went their separate ways back in 2018 but they have left some stunning examples of their choreography behind for us to enjoy.

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As a dance partnership, Jojo and Mickaela were really special. The key to Kizomba dancing is to be perfectly synchronized with your partner and also to bring to it the right attitude, making the dance slow, romantic, and sensual. Jojo and Mickaela are absolutely mesmerizing to watch because they really do seem to move as one.

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Thankfully, both Jojo and Mickaela are still on the Kizomba dancing scene. Mickaela is based back in Stockholm, where she teaches dance and creates amazing choreography. Jojo is still based in Paris, and he travels the world running Kizomba workshops and performing at festivals. And they are both still generating loads of incredible Kizomba content to give you all the inspiration you need!

Kizomba evolved from the Semba dance style popular in Angola to match the slower, more sensual Kizomba style of music. Since then, it has spawned lots of different Kizomba styles, with influences from Tango, Hip-hop, and Merengue, such as Urban Kiz and Kizomba Fusion. If you’re thinking of taking up Kizomba yourself, there are plenty of good reasons! While the dance can look basic at first glance, actually it requires a huge amount of control to stay perfectly in sync with your partner. So by learning Kizomba, you can really hone your technical skills. Not only that, but it will also give you the chance to perform in a really fun and romantic way. You can see from Jojo and Mickeala’s demonstration just how stunning Kizomba is to watch, and that really could be you if you give Kizomba a try!

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