A high-energy hip hop dance video featuring dancer and choreographer Kirsten Dodgen has been recently recommended to us by the almighty Youtube algorithm. Filmed after one of her workshops at the São Paulo dance event Hip Hop District 2019, the video shows Dodgen dancing in front of an enthusiastic crowd of students. With its blend of hip hop and African dance influences, Dodgen’s routine exemplifies her unique style:

YouTube video

Dodgen moves with precision and passion to the track “Gwara Nao Para” by ASSI & BM. Her choreography incorporates elements of hip hop infused with lots of moves and steps reminiscent of the popular Afrobeats dance combos. As she directs fluid isolations through her torso and meshes hard hits with smooth waves, the crowd cheers her on.

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Though the routine lasts only a minute , Dodgen packs each moment with energy and artistic expression. Her flexibility and control over her body is astounding as she seamlessly transitions from fast, intricate footwork to slow, sensual body rolls. The way she accentuates the beats with her shoulders and ribs is hypnotizing. Throughout the performance, her love of dance emanates from her dazzling smile.

For those compelled to start learning to dance after watching our today’s video, now is the perfect time to begin exploring hip hop or Afro dance styles at your local studios. Hip hop classes offer a fun way to learn foundational breaking, popping, locking, and contemporary hip hop choreography in a welcoming environment. Meanwhile, Afro dance draws on traditions from across Africa and the diaspora including Afrobeat, Djole, and Azonto. With options for all experience levels, most studios allow students to take drop-in classes before committing to a full program.

Dancing provides benefits beyond just fitness. The supportive camaraderie of a dance class builds confidence and connectivity. Learning choreography challenges the mind as well as the body. And the cathartic self-expression of freely moving to music can’t be beat. Best of all, dance is for everybody. No prior experience, dance partner, or minimum age required. If Kirsten Dodgen’s electric energy inspires you, now is the time to join a class and discover your own inner dance superstar.

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