If you have ever wanted to learn Kizomba lady styling but you doubted that you could pull it off or you thought you just didn’t have the hips for it, you need to watch this video. Corina Tripold does a masterful job of teaching the basics of Kizomba lady styling in a way that makes it achievable for just about everybody!

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Kizomba dancing incorporates some Tango steps but its main defining feature are those mesmerising hip movements, forwards/backwards and in a circle. Those movements can look almost impossible when you are watching Kizomba danced at a fast pace by professionals but, as with any new skill, you should never try to run before you can walk. And that’s exactly where this tutorial comes in.

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In the first part of the tutorial, Corina takes you through the absolute basics of the characteristic Kizomba hip movements. She shows you a breakdown of exactly what you need to do with your legs, feet, and hips, and slow enough for you to see each movement perfectly. Then she speeds the movements up so they are as fast as they would be during a normal dance. If you’ve ever watched someone dancing Kizomba lady styling and thought “how on earth are they doing that?” it’s at this point that you will get your eureka moment!

The Basic 2 exercise shows you how to incorporate footwork into the hip routine and how to hit those beats with your hip popping. Again, it’s broken down slowly at first and then Corina shows you how to put it all together. The third exercise shows you how to do the women’s saida and is, like everything else in this video, super easy to follow. So give this tutorial a try and, before long, you will be amazing yourself with your Kizomba lady styling moves!

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