Bachata lady styling can be beautiful and sensual, but it can also be fun and high energy, and this video is a great example of that! It’s the Diamonds Team from Russia performing in Moscow with a routine that fuses bachata lady styling and hip-hop dancing perfectly to put on a polished, high-energy, and exciting show.

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The Diamonds are a bachata lady styling group from Russia who are definitely making their way. They came 2nd in the Show Group at the Russian Bachata Festival in 2019 and, as you can see from the linked video, they are coming up with some amazing new material.

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Bachata lady styling is bachata done solo, as opposed to the traditional couple’s dance, and it is crazy versatile. Traditional bachata has a few core basic steps, including 3 steps to the side and a tap with hip movements on count 4. It is pretty incredible that those basic steps have spawned all of the different versions of bachata that we have today.

Bachata fused with hip-hop, often called urban bachata, is really interesting because it can veer away from using bachata music as its accompaniment. In fact, there are loads of talented DJs out there who are remixing some of the most popular music out there by adding bachata beats to the songs. This now means that people can dance bachata to a much larger variety of musical styles, making for some really interesting routines.

What’s great about the example in this video is that it demonstrates how bachata lady styling can take bachata in a completely different direction than its traditional form/bachata as a couple’s dance. The group choreography adds a whole other element to bachata as a floor show while still showcasing the characteristic hip movements that make bachata the amazing dance style that it is.

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