In the heart of Madrid, at the Kizomba Open Festival, a mesmerizing dance performance took place that left the audience awestruck. Fred-Nelson and Morgane, two talented dancers, presented an improvised demo like no other, combining the graceful elements of lyrical dance with the fundamentals of kizomba. Their performance to the soul-stirring melody of “Amor Yame” by Edmázia Mayembe showcased a unique style they lovingly call “Lyrical Kiz.” This fusion of two distinct dance genres created an enchanting experience that captivated everyone present.

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Lyrical Kiz emerged from the creative minds of passionate dancers who sought to infuse the expressive movements of lyrical dance and tango with the sensuality of kizomba. Unlike traditional kizomba, Lyrical Kiz does not strictly follow the characteristic beats and rhythms of the genre. Instead, it flows seamlessly with the emotions and melody of the music, allowing dancers to connect deeply with the song’s message.

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This dance style fusion offers dancers a beautiful way to express their emotions through movement. The mix of kizomba’s intimacy with the freedom of lyrical allows for a deeply personal and touching performance. It encourages dancers to connect not only with the music but also with their partner on a profound level, making each dance a unique and memorable experience like the one in our today’s video.

If the allure of Lyrical Kiz has ignited a spark within you, there’s no better time to start your dancing journey. Your local dance studios most likely will not offer Lyrical Kiz classes as this is very niche, unless you live in Pierrelaye, France and your teachers are Fred-Nelson and Morgane. Then just check out Studio Influence.

However everyone else, most dance studios offer workshops and classes where you can learn the basics of regular kizomba, tango or lyrical dance. There are no rules when you fuse dance genres, so only this way you will be able to experience the magic of Lyrical Kiz firsthand. Remember, you don’t need any prior dance experience to get started – just an open heart and a willingness to let the music guide your steps.

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