Now I know what you’re thinking – lap dances are seedy, they objectify women, yadda yadda. But look, it’s 2023. We’re living in an age where people are exploring their sensuality like never before. If lap dancing helps a couple deepen their bond in a safe, consensual way, then who are we to judge? If you’re curious to see how a loving lap dance can unfold, check out Brinn Nicole’s choreography below:

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This video beautifully demonstrates the blend of sensuality, intimacy and playfulness possible when you dance for someone special. Brinn guides students through sexy moves and meaningful transitions tailored for a partner you truly care for. Her choreography is artistic yet accessible, her comments are on point empowering everyday lovers to forge deeper connections through dance.

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The key is context. A lap dance at a club is one thing. A lap dance in your living room, with someone you share your bed and your life with, is something else entirely. This is about vulnerability, trust, the electricity of skin on skin. So how do you pull it off?

First, set the mood. Dim the lights, put on some music with a seductive beat. Have your partner sit in a comfortable chair or on the edge of the bed. Slowly remove their shirt, running your hands along their shoulders and arms. Gently push them back into the chair, grazing your nails down their chest. Whisper in their ear how sexy they look right now.

Then comes the dance itself, our today’s choreography by Brinn Nicole could serve you as a great source of inspiration. With fluid hips and caressing hands, glide your body against your partner’s. Let your hair brush their face as you bend down for a kiss. Slide onto their lap, wrapping your legs around them. Gaze into their eyes as you sway and grind to the music. Feel their desire growing within you.

But remember that a loving lap dance is not just physical. It’s an emotional striptease too. Bare your soul as you bare your skin. Take it slow. Control the pace. Tease and retreat, give and take away. Draw out each caress, savor every second of contact. This is not a race to the finish line – it’s a leisurely stroll down lover’s lane.

When the dance naturally comes to a close, don’t just get up and walk away. Stay seated in their lap a bit longer. Let the intimacy linger. Transition gently back into your daily lives with sweet kisses and caresses. A lap dance like this deepens passion’s roots. It’s a new way to say “I love you” without uttering a word. As relationships evolve over the years, little rituals like this keep the fire burning bright.

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