What an amazing dance by Marco and Sara at the 2021 Istambul Salsa Congress. Marco and Sara are such a talented bachata dance couple and this routine really does show off their skills. The people in the congress crowd must have been having the time of their lives, and probably taking notes at the same time!

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If you’ve never attended a dance congress before, it can seem quite intimidating, but it is such a worthwhile experience. Not only will you get the chance to see some real pros show you how it’s done, but you will also get plenty of opportunities to dance yourself. Congresses definitely aren’t just for high-level bachata dancers. They are accessible for dancers at any stage, and if you are a beginner you can get so much out of going to a congress.

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There is a lot on during a bachata congress. You get to watch performances, attend dance classes and workshops, and take part in social dances/parties. You will have so much fun that there is a good chance you will be ready to sign up for your next congress before you’ve even left! Congresses are also a really good way of finding like-minded people from all sorts of different places to share your passion for bachata with. This is especially important if you are coming from an area with a small bachata pool.

At some congresses, you can even specifically join the newbie/open/beginner track. This way, you will be put into a group with other beginners and you can go on the exact same congress journey together. If you’re not sure whether you would count as a beginner or not, the rule of thumb is that it’s generally a good idea to level down for a congress. Right now, you might be a big fish in a small bachata pond, especially if there aren’t that many bachata dancers in your area. But at a congress, you will be quite a small fish in a very big pond!

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