Strap yourself in for an emotional rollercoaster because this is much more than a choreography video. This is more like a short musical film, and it is the story of Marco and Sara. Of course, there is also lots of amazing bachata dancing throughout! So if you want to admire some incredible bachata skills, while also getting the chance to feel your feelings, you should definitely give this video a watch. Just make sure you have some tissues nearby!

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Marco and Sara have been working together for a long time and they are now one of the leading couples in the world of bachata dancing. They are a true powerhouse and they have their own dance school ( where you can sign up to be taught by the best, in both partner dancing and lady/man style.

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Marco and Sara first started dancing together in 2012 and they were wildly successful right off the bat, winning national bachata competitions in their first year together, Sarah had come from a formal ballet background (shown in the video) and Marco came from a Peruvian dance background. And together, they just work. They formed their own dance company, Escencia, but then they went their separate ways. Sara had the opportunity to work with a prestigious dance company in Milan and Marco carried on working with Escencia and formed a new dance partnership to win competitions at an international level.

But that wasn’t the end of the Marco and Sara story. In 2016, they started working together again. And they are back to owning the bachata world. After so many years together, and so much success, it must be wonderful to be collaborating again. This video is really a homage to their history, their successes, and a celebration of their renewed partnership. And presented in a poignant way, but with a whole lot of amazing bachata dancing mixed in!

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