This mesmerizing dance video that celebrates traditional Polynesian movement has caught recently our attention. Performed by Arenui Tahiti Dance Studio in Japan, the captivating choreography features seven women interpreting the rhythms of “A Tiaturi” by Raumata Tetuanui with grace and skill. Their choice of chic black dresses and flowered headpieces nods to island style while allowing their technical prowess to shine, just take a look:

YouTube video

While French Polynesia conjures visions of grass skirts and coconut bras, Tahitian costumes have evolved over time. The stylish performers in this video reflect the more modern, cosmopolitan face of the islands. Their coordinated outfits seem designed to disappear behind the dance, drawing all eyes to the women’s athleticism and expressive hands. The swoosh of fabric punctuates spins and hip circles powered from the core. Such dresses provide freedom of movement often restricted by more traditional costumes. From fluttering fingers to flexed feet, nothing impedes the dancers’ connection between music and motion.

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While their costumes seem contemporary, the performers stick to traditional Tahitian dance vocabulary. Steps requiring muscular thighs to produce the fast hip tremors that ripple so effortlessly down the line. Knees staying slightly bent, enabling deep stances and rapid changes of direction guided by bouncing shoulders. Arms sweep overhead as if reaching for stars or beckoning a distant lover. The expressive hands paint pictures in the air to match lyrics singing of natural Tahitian beauty.

For those wishing to master such mesmerizing movements, studios like Arenui Tahiti offer lessons in locales far from French Polynesia. Based in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, the school spreads these Pacific island rhythms across Japan. Tahitian dance classes offer exercise for body and mind, building coordination and flexibility while connecting to rich cultural traditions. The support of sister students eases newcomers into the pulsing groove.

Dancers of all ages can discover their inner hip swiveller through Tahitian lessons. The playful shimmies and shakes do not depend on youthful joints. While stamina helps for performing long routines, beginner classes focus on short sequences suited to any age group. The encouragement of teachers and fellow students creates a welcoming environment for novices.

Previous dance experience is also unnecessary for those drawn to Tahitian rhythms. The classes teach all needed techniques, from hip circles to hand styling. The basics get newcomers moving to the music through simple across-the-floor patterns. Repetition develops the muscle memory and stamina needed for longer routines. Having supportive classmates to practice with eases frustrations and builds confidence.

For many, the chance to temporarily transport themselves to the South Pacific through dance holds an irresistible appeal. Studios like Arenui offer the chance to sway like palm trees and tell stories through gracefully gesturing hands. Slip into the island life, if only for an hour or two each week. Let the drumbeats course through your body and the music of Tahiti transform your spirit. The allure of paradise is but a hip shake away.

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