You might have heard about the “new dance fitness craze” of Tahitian dance. In actual fact, this style of dance is anything but new. It is a traditional form of cultural dance that has been performed in Tahiti since before historical records began. It is a celebratory dance that has different types of dancing for men and women and is performed at important events. If you fancy giving a Tahitian dance workout a try, check out our today’s video by Tahiti Dance Fitness. You will be hooked in no time!

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The Tahitian dance that you may have heard about is the female version, ‘ote’a. It is almost a cross between Hawaiin dance and belly dance – it involves rapid movements of the hips and is performed only to a percussive beat (recommended article: Belly Dance Hip Scarves). Tahitian dance fitness classes are getting more and more popular, but do they live up to the hype?

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The good news is that, yes, Tahitian dance can help to tone your waist. First, it will help you to burn calories. You can expect to burn between 450 and 700 calories per hour by taking part in Tahitian dance because it is a moderate-to-strenuous type of exercise that will definitely get you out of breath. You can’t target fat loss on your waist so the only way to actually lose fat in that area is to lose weight altogether. And Tahitian dance can definitely help with that.

Second, it will help to strengthen and define the muscles in your stomach, hips, and waist which will give you a more defined waist. All of the muscles in these areas are engaged constantly when performing Tahitian dance so you will be building muscle without even realizing it. It will also help to improve your posture which can go a long way to making your waist look slimmer and more defined.

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