Audrey Case was one of the contestants of the famous TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2012. Even though she was eliminated in August, she deserves a lot of attention and praise. You can find beauty and inspiration in every movement. It is a great pleasure and joy to watch her dance. It is an incredible and powerful contemporary dance choreography.

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Did you know that Audrey started dancing when she was 3? She came to the auditions for the show in January. At that time it was her senior year in High School. In summer 2012, right after the graduation she began her competition from being in top 20 and left the show as top 5 girl finalist, which is amazing if you ask me.

Now a little bit about the choreographer Jaci Roal. She is known as a founder and director of Royal Flux Dance – dance company producing unique and inspiring performances, pushing the boundaries of physicality. In 2015 she debuted as a choreographer on SYTYCD. Right now she is one of the most in-demand choreographers in the US and Europe.

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