Bachata is a fun and energetic dance that will get you moving and having a good time. It is also quite technical and demanding because of how much fitness you need to have and the strength you need to execute the moves and to make them look effortless. You can see in this video of Ataca and La Alemana how smooth bachata is and you can also see that there is constant movement. If you want to improve your bachata, of course, it is important to go to dance lessons and practice, but you can also help yourself by taking part in other types of fitness.

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Cardio fitness for bachata

Bachata dancing is a form of cardio fitness and the fitter you are, the easier you will be able to find it. This is especially important if you are planning on going to dance socials where you are going to be spending the whole evening dancing on and off. Improving your overall cardio fitness will give you all the stamina you need to dance all night and still have a smile on your face!

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Any form of fitness that gets your heart pumping and makes you breathe more heavily is a form of cardio fitness but the most effective forms include: running, cycling, swimming, HIIT, boxing, elliptical machine, rowing machine and assault bike.

Strength training for bachata

To dance bachata, it can also help if you improve your muscle strength. Your legs, including your calves, ankles, and quads are obvious areas where you should improve your strength. But it is also important to have a strong core because these muscles will help you to control your hips and upper body isolations and improve your balance. You should also focus on your shoulders and arms because they will come into play as well.

You can use bodyweight strength training and use a strength program that focuses on these muscle groups or you can use weighted strength training. Either will help you to improve your strength although the results may be quicker if you include some weights in your workout routine. A home set of weights will work just fine if you don’t want to lift weights at the gym and bodyweight strength training can be done from absolutely anywhere.

Strength training will also have the added benefit of improving your overall fitness so doing both cardio and strength training is the best combination for getting fit and strong enough to dance bachata for as long as you want.

The bottom line

Bachata dancing can be a lot more taxing than it might first appear and it can get tiring very quickly. Improving your fitness and strength will help to improve your stamina and give you the balance and coordination to complete the technical bachata moves.

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