Valentine’s Day can be a lonely time for single women. While couples celebrate their love, it’s easy to feel left out. But there’s no need to mope at home with a tub of ice cream! This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to some self-love and fun with these ideas for single ladies. As a dance instructor and blogger, I wanted to suggest some dance-related ideas first before exploring the other options. I recently came across a video that perfectly embodies the spirit of independence and grace. It features Madalina Ciobanu, a renowned dancer, leading a group of women in a Bachata Lady Styling Choreography, just take a look:

YouTube video

Dancing, especially styles like Bachata, is not just about the steps or the music; it’s a form of expression that can make you feel empowered and connected to your body. It’s a way to celebrate who you are and what you can do, which is why it’s such a fitting activity for single ladies on Valentine’s Day. It’s a reminder that you don’t need a partner to feel complete — you have rhythm, music, and your own two feet. So why not make dancing a part of your Valentine’s Day plan?

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Take a Bachata Lady Styling Class

What better way to embrace your inner goddess than by learning some sexy Bachata moves? Bachata lady styling focuses on fluid hip and body movements that highlight your femininity. Classes teach you styling techniques like body rolls, waves, and hip isolations that you can integrate into traditional Bachata dancing. Even if you’ve never danced before, Bachata is beginner-friendly with a simple structure and beat.

And in a ladies-only class, you won’t need a partner! Not only will you build confidence strutting your stuff solo, but you’ll also be a more stylish dance partner next time a Bachata song comes on. So sign up for a class at your local studio or try an online course. There are even free YouTube tutorials to give Bachata a whirl from home. However celebration is all about connection with others, so we recommend attending a local dance class instead. Shake those hips and have fun unleashing your inner Beyoncé!

Treat Yourself to a Dance Workshop

Instead of a traditional Valentine’s date, take yourself out to a dance workshop or social dance event. From Salsa to Tango and West Coast Swing, partner dances are full of romance. And social dances are welcoming to newcomers, even those flying solo. Not only can you mingle with a room full of fellow dancers, but learning new moves also builds confidence. One study found social dance helps reduce stress and improve quality of life. Dance your cares away while making friends, learning new skills, and maybe even meeting a cute new dance partner!

Host a Galentine’s Party

Rather than a boy-centric holiday, reclaim Valentine’s Day with your best gals. Throw a Galentine’s Day party filled with all your favorite things. Share chocolate-covered strawberries while giving each other pedicures. Queue up your favorite rom coms for a movie marathon. Or keep it classy with a sophisticated high tea. However you celebrate, make it a judgment-free girl’s night with zero talk of exes or relationship drama. Toast to your independence and the love of friendship! Plan some fun group activities too, like, yes, you guessed it – a joint Bachata or Salsa class. You can even look for “ladies dance free” nights at local studios or dance socials to take your whole crew.

Date Yourself!

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate excuse to pamper yourself. Plan a special day doing all your favorite things, just for you. Sleep in late, then treat yourself to brunch at that trendy spot you’ve been dying to try. Get a massage, facial, or new hairdo. Go shopping and buy yourself some sexy new heels or lingerie just because. End the night by taking in a show, concert, or movie you’ve been wanting to see. Or have an intimate dinner for one at an elegant restaurant with a glass of wine and good book for company. Celebrate your fierce independence by indulging in self-care and joyful solitude.


Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a downer. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate your own awesomeness! So soak up the love vibes in the air and channel that energy into self-care, adventure, friendship, and fun. Treat yourself to a sexy Bachata class, girls night out, or solo date. However you spend the holiday, relish in some radical self-love. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!

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