Get a load of this cool salsa social dancing video, it’s of Paolo and Alina getting their groove on at the World Latin Dance Congress – they’re having a blast! The cameraman’s locked in on these two the whole time, but you can still see tons of other happy couples twirling around them on the crowded dance floor.

YouTube video

Paolo’s leading Alina through all these fancy spins, all to the banging sounds of “Homenaje a la Música Cubana” by Orquesta Mercadonegro. You can tell these two are feeling it – they’re all smiles and funky moves. But don’t think for a sec that they are pulling off some perfect choreography! Aw, heck no – it’s an improvisation and you can see them laughing when they mess up a handhold. And that’s what it’s all about with Cuban salsa, y’all! It ain’t about perfectly nailing all the steps – it’s about having a freaking fantastic time dancing the night away.

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Now, maybe you wanna get out on the dance floor and experience the magic of Cuban salsa for yourself! Well, you don’t need any special skills or even a partner to get jiggy at local studios. Cuban salsa dancers welcome beginners of all ages to come learn the basic steps and lead-follow techniques in a super friendly social setting. No pressure – it’s just about letting loose, feeling the beat and bonding with others!

The best part? It’s partner rotations, you get to mingle and dance with all sorts of cool cats – even if you showed up solo! In fact most do come solo to such classes. So leave your hangups behind, because you’re gonna laugh your booty off stumbling through the new moves with your fellow salsa students. Fumbling those steps together builds mad camaraderie! So don’t sweat it if you got two left feet – Cuban salsa’s all about loving the groovy rhythm of life.

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