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For most, taking a dance class may seem trivial, but in many cases becomes the life changing experience that so many are seeking. If you don’t believe it, just look at this list of the most notable benefits of dancing. It’s evident that dance positively impacts all aspects of your life: physicalemotional and mental healthsocial life and more. Additionally, people of all ages can reap these benefits: children, students, adults and seniors. Ready to start dancing today? Then find some dance classes in your city and enjoy!

Check out our infographic to see the most complete list of reasons to start dancing today.

Benefits of Dancing Infographic


Memory and Concentration

It has been proven that learning new dance moves and combinations improves memory and enhances concentration.

Flexibility and Elegance

Dancing will make you more flexiblegraceful and elegant in your everyday life. It can also help you become more aware of your body.

Weight and Metabolism

Dance exercises combined with healthy nutrition will help you lose weightboost your metabolism and stay in shape!

Posture and Blood Flow

Dance tones your muscles, and improves posture and blood flow, which in turn boosts your immune system and overall health.

Perfect Age

You don’t need to be a certain age. Any age is perfect to start learning to dance! At any age such physical activity will bring lots benefits to your body and soul!



Sleep and Stress Level

Regular physical activity produces endorphins—chemicals in the brain that improve the ability to sleep and reduce stress and anxiety.

Empowerment and Confidence

Attending dance classes regularly will make you feel good about yourself. It will make you more disciplinedfulfilled, confident, and in control of your daily life.

Unwind and Recover

Dance forces you to live in the now. It disconnects you from all your problems, giving you the chance to unwind and recover from the stresses of daily life.

Happiness and Mood

Dancing and physical interactions with other happy people is one of the most powerful natural antidepressants. It fantastically improves your mood and increases your overall happiness.

It is Fun!

With so much changing in the world and in your life, dance will always be there as something fun to do.

Creativity and Self Expression

The dance floor will become a place where you can express your inner self, your creative soul. Not everyone can say that they have that.

Thinking vs. Action

Dancing helps you get out of your head. You will learn to think less and act more… Exciting, huh?



Friends and Love

Attending dance classes is the best way to find new friendsexpand your social circle and even meet the love of your life

People and Social Skills

Partner dancing classes and social dancing events are the best activities to improve social skills. They help you meet many new people and give you lots of opportunities to start conversations.

Relationships and Romance

Dancing may improve your relationship with your partner. It will bring more romance and passion into your life 

Dance Styles and Communities

All dance styles have their own unique communities that most of the time are super friendly and will gladly accept a new member like you.

Uniqueness and Attention

Dancing skills will make you stand out among non-dancing friends. You will feel unique and attract lots of attention from others. Do with that what you will ヅ

Traveling and Assimilation

If you dance one of the social dancing styles, like tango, salsa, bachata and so on, you will be able to find at least a dozen of new friends all over the world in a single night, wherever you go.

Festivals and Traveling

The moment you become a dancer you will start traveling more. You will be surprised, but you don’t have to be a professional full-time dancer to go to national or international festivals and workshops.

Evenings and Nights

Forget about boring evenings! Anywhere, anytime, alone or with a partner, with music or without it you will want to dance or practice some new dance moves.



It is Sexy!

Dancing is sexy! It will make you feel sexy, it will make you look sexy, it will make you be sexy ヅ

Masculinity and Femininity

Partner dancing is perfect for those willing to learn to be more masculine or more feminine both on the dance floor and in their everyday life.

Looking Good

Dancing gives you an excuse to dress well every day and wear your best outfits for numerous dance events you will soon be attending.

Connection and Perception

You will learn to connect with people and the world on a new level – something which words can’t begin to describe.

Changes in Life

It may drastically change your life for the better in many different ways. It has changed mine and most likely will change yours if you’ll give it a chance. You can find lots and lots of stories on the internet to prove that.

Sense of Well-being

Improves overall quality of your life. Just look at all the things mentioned here! It is amazing, isn’t it?!



Pricing and Experience

It is inexpensive. In most cases, you don’t need any special equipment to dance. You don’t need any license or experience either.

Dance Partners

You don’t need to have a partner! Yes, you can come to partner dance classes alone and it will be perfectly normal. Most people do just that.

Judges and Competition

You don’t have to compete with others if you don’t want to. There are competitive & non-competitive dance studios out there. So, those not willing to be judged can always enjoy learning in a natural and drama-free environment.

Listen and Feel

Your definition of “Good Music” will probably change. You will learn to listen songs in a new unexpected way. You will hear more and feel more.

The Essence of Good

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” – Voltaire


Are you convinced yet?

After you’ve learned so many reasons to dance, you definitely should be, because dancing can be beneficial for your body, your emotional health, it can improve your social life and it can do lots of other amazing things to you.

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  1. Iris De Brito May 23rd, 2017 at 10:53

    Great listing on the benefits of dancing. Earlier in my dancing career I had difficulty justifying to other people how my job was actually important and contributed to society in a deeper way than just mild entertainment so this is an excellent reminder that, yes, dance can make a massive difference in people’s lives.

  2. Orlando Perez Apr 21st, 2017 at 13:42

    As an instructor for over 35 years, I have noticed that I have changed thousands of peoples lives, their health, their social skills, I have even helped in a few marriages that started as dance partners at my studio, AND YES, all that was mentioned above is TRUE and it does happen, there is one thing missing and I know that we are not doctors, but I am a nutritionist, and in my experience and from thousands of articles, A dancer will NEVER suffer from Alzheimer’s decease, the brain is constantly creating new neuron connections with all of the dance patterns and there for, with proper nutrition it will NEVER dry up shrink which is what happens with that infirmity. LETS GET more people to dance.

    1. Roman Apr 21st, 2017 at 17:23

      Hi Orlando! I definitely agree with every single word you said. And you are right, I guess I will have to add the 32nd point in the next revision stating that dancing prevents Alzheimer disease. Thank you for the tip 🙂

  3. Cindy Robyn Szydlik Apr 12th, 2017 at 23:39

    Re: #27 Being Yourself – dance does not teach femininity or masculinity, but it may facilitate expression & exploration of one’s femininity & masculinity. Learning to lead doesn’t make one more masculine, nor does following make one more feminine. Role reversal is a challenging learning exercise as well as a lot of fun!

    1. Roman Apr 13th, 2017 at 07:46

      Hi Cindy, when I was writing this post I was mostly referring to my personal experience, and learning to lead properly did actually teach me to be more masculine in my every-day life, to take more responsibility with care without being afraid. I wasn’t just expressing it – I was learning it. The same was to true with my partner and her feminine side and this is why we decided to include it in this infographic. But you made a good point that it may not be true for everyone and it is actually a lot of fun when you switch roles. Thanks a lot for your feedback 🙂

    2. Orlando Perez Apr 29th, 2017 at 15:02

      Thank you my new friend Roman, it is awesome to meet another individual that understands dance the way that I do and have for many many years, yes please add the revision to 32, God Bless.

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