Cornel Rodrigues and Rithika Poojary, better known as just Cornel and Rithika, are huge in the bachata world and are best known for their bachata sensual style. As you can see in this video, they just have the most amazing chemistry together, and it works so well for bachata sensual dancing. There is also a level of playfulness and fun about their choreography that just makes them a joy to watch.

YouTube video

And when we say they are big in the bachata world, we really mean it. As of right now, they have 278,000 followers on Instagram and their YouTube channel has 614,000 subscribers! They first hit the mainstream back in 2016 with their bachata sensual dance to Elastic Heart by Conor Maynard, and they have been on a speedy upward trajectory since then.

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Off the dancefloor, they are a real-life couple who together run the dance academy Dance Space based in Mumbai. They are choreographers, performers, and teachers, and they have created quite the bachata legacy to leave when the time eventually comes for them to hang up their dancing shoes.

Bachata sensual is becoming ever more popular and is now arguably the most-danced style of bachata in the world. It is a unique form of bachata that has captured the imagination of millions. In traditional bachata, you dance in a close embrace using a 3-step-tap square configuration. Bachata sensual plays on this theme and is more interpretative. There is the opportunity to dance in an open style as well as closed, and it can include circular movements, body waves, dips, and isolation movements. People appreciate the increased opportunity for creativity, the ability to modify the dance in order to interpret the music, as well as the chance to be more expressive. And this video is a great example of the creativity, imagination, and style that can be achieved with bachata sensual. Hopefully, it will inspire you!

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