Be in awe of RYDE NZ, the New Zealand ladies’ bachata team! These women are incredible dancers and the choreography by Yan Zhou is breathtaking, This is a masterclass in what modern bachata lady style can look like. It is empowering, skillful, and beautiful and it is certain to make you want to give bachata a go yourself.

YouTube video

If you’re used to seeing bachata performed as a couple’s dance, this is a great opportunity for you to see what lady style can look like outside of that arena. It has really taken on a mind of its own in recent years, with lady-style teams really embracing the creativity and power that group choreography can afford them. You can really see the interplay of dance styles that are woven into this bachata choreography, and it really does breathe it new life.

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Some people ask whether this type of choreography is “true” bachata and, yes maybe it is in a very different form than the way that bachata was originally performed, but does that make it any less bachata? All art forms change their form over time. You only have to look at art trends to see how much “the correct way” of painting has changed through the ages. And even our language is constantly in a state of evolution. Dance styles are not immune from this type of growth and, in fact, it could be argued that it should be encouraged. Sparks of genius are born when people are allowed the freedom to be creative.

So sit back and enjoy this amazing piece of choreography performed by a hugely talented group of women. It might just inspire you too! And if you want to see more from the RYDE NZ team, they have a Facebook page with loads of interesting content, including some peaks behind the scenes that show you how they train.

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