As a passionate bachata dancer always looking to improve my skills, I’m constantly scouring YouTube for great tutorial videos. So when I came across this relatively new upload from dynamic duo Dima and Victoria breaking down 10 must-know bachata sensual moves, I knew I had to share it with my fellow dancing fanatics, so here you have it:

YouTube video

While Dima and Victoria don’t verbally break down the mechanics of each move step-by-step, the video itself serves as an incredible visual tutorial. They made the genius move to caption each technique they demonstrate while allowing the choreography and music to speak for themselves.

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This clean format with no verbose explanations between transitions is ideal for maximizing learning. The simple captions like “Waves in a close position” or “Waves in a pretzel position” match the uncluttered flow of danced footage. And I love how they provide multiple examples and variations for each move category before flowing seamlessly into the next sensual accent. The range of interpretations they model for elements like body rolls really opens your eyes to just how much you can play within one “textbook” move.

And the fact they chose a slower song means it’s effortless for me to rewind again and again to pick apart a particular hip circle variation or body roll variation I want to mimic. Having the flexibility as the viewer to control that playback speed and hyperfocus on the movements is invaluable. Major props to Dima and Victoria for generously providing a tutorial tailored for expanding individual artistry through these sensual bachata foundations! Their passion translates through a format focused solely on fueling growth in others – and for me that’s what dancing is all about!

The 10 signature moves they cover include:

  1. Sensual Basic: A simple side to side basic with a body roll
  2. Body Rolls/Waves: Undulating the body in fluid motions
  3. Side Body Rolls: Rolling the rib cage and hips from side to side
  4. Train Body Roll: A body roll travelling up through the body in a wave motion
  5. Hip Circle/Roll: Circular hip motions
  6. Hip Play: Shifting the hips side to side
  7. Head Roll: Rolling the head in circular motions
  8. Isolations/Breaks + Chest Circles: Moving different body parts independently
  9. The Cambre: Arching the back into a U-shape
  10. Sensual Dips: Supporting the follow into a low dip with a close embrace

As a seasoned dance instructor who has been teaching bachata for over a decade, even I picked up new techniques for enhancing musicality and sensuality from Dima and Victoria’s video. After years of breaking down the fundamentals for students, it’s refreshing to return to the student mindset myself as this lovely duo reminded me that the learning never stops. Their playful flow and innate musicality breathed new life into staples like body rolls that can become routine over time. So big shoutout to Dima and Vic for sharing their passion. Can’t get enough of these sensual moves… now excuse me while I go memorize them all!

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