I’ve got a fun dance video to share with you all today. It features a young boy named Geovani dancing semba with his partner Neidy. Semba is an African partner dance from Angola. It’s complex with a lot of fast footwork, spins, and improvisation. So I’m always impressed when kids can dance it well.

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And Geovani straight up shines in this video! He leads Neidy through some complicated semba figures, even though he’s a good bit shorter than her. His musicality and rhythmic awareness are super tight. And his fancy leg moves show he’s got chops well beyond his years. Mad skills for a little dude!

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The music they are dancing to is “Kemba” by Puto Português. It’s an upbeat, driving song with pulsing riffs and hand drum rhythms. Perfect for semba’s energetic, bouncy style. Geovani stays right on beat through the whole dance. He never misses a step, keeping Neidy on track too. You can’t help but smile watching this talented kid command the floor.

For those unfamiliar, semba represents the heart and soul of Angolan culture. It tells stories of everyday life and important events through dance. The traditions and meaning run deep. Yet semba also continues to evolve as a popular partner dance form today. You see it infusing new modern styles while keeping ties to its roots. Lots of semba social dance groups and festivals now exist worldwide.

And the dance is attracting interested outside its native African communities too. As this video shows, semba’s rhythms can be contagious! The clips of Geovani’s fancy footwork may have some of you readers wanting to learn as well. If so, I’d say go for it! Find a semba class in your area or look one up online. It is a joyful, community-centered dance accessible to all ages. It offers a fun way to get moving while engaging with another culture.

Even if you’ve never danced before, don’t be intimidated. Just start with the basics and build from there. You’ll likely get hooked once those drums start pulsing! Let the music fill you up. Let your body feel the rhythms. And let loose dancing in the moment. That’s what semba is all about.

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