This video of the day features pro dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer Corina Tripold adding her sensual lady-styling moves in her interpretation of the Kizomba dance. Watch how mesmerizing her dancing is as she shows precise isolation techniques, leading your eyes to that exact part of the body she’s moving as the rest of her body remains still but not stiff.

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Perfecting isolation techniques also builds your body’s muscle memory, especially for those smaller body parts that you can forget to focus on when you’re already dancing. But when you exercise these parts consistently in mastering isolation, they are the key to making your dance look fluid and soulfully expressive.

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In Kizomba, as well as in any other dance, where the body moves is where the eyes go, so mastering body isolation is essential. Isolation is central as it hones the core of your body even as you create ordered, smooth, and harmonious dance movements.

Watch how Corina expertly does this as she deliberately and precisely gyrates her hips while keeping her upper body relaxed and still, then pleasantly surprises you with those little ankle flicks rhyming with the music beat. Watch also how she tightens her butt as she rolls her hips at some points in the dance, expressing quiet sensual power and graceful, fluid motion flow.

These are actually simple, almost basic, Kizomba steps she’s demonstrating, but when applied with isolation techniques and using her unique lady-styling expression, it comes out as a work of art.

Lady styling in dance means a woman dancing in a way that naturally suits her, expressing herself intuitively while moving to the rhythms of the dance and the music. It has the effect of sophistication and elegance. Incorporating lady styling into dances teaches and trains a woman to become comfortable with her body and grow courageous in her authenticity.

Although Kizomba is traditionally a couple dance, involving close body connection with your partner, you can learn and dance it on your own, too. In fact, if you’re not comfortable in your own body yet, it is better to do this on your own, learning the basics and then applying your own lady-styling moves.

How can you be comfortable moving with another’s body so closely when you’re not yet comfortable moving your body on your own? Especially since the goal of the Kizomba couple dance is the perfect synchronization of the dancing couple expressed in their smooth body movements, elegant footwork, and their attitude (called Ginga for women, Banga for men).

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