Congratulations on your pregnancy! As you begin this new journey, you are sure to experience uniqueness at every step. Many women wonder if dancing cause miscarriages. If you had always been into dancing, you might have started worrying whether you can continue. Here is some good news! Dancing, when done properly following precautionary measures, will not cause miscarriages. Are you eager to know more about this? Read this article to bust the myths associated with dancing and miscarriages.

Is dancing safe during pregnancy?

Dancing is not only safe but also a fun and entertaining way to keep your body active during pregnancy. Gentle dancing will not cause you any harm during pregnancy. If dancing is something new to you, then you should select a dance that is not too strenuous. But before you enroll in a dance class when you are pregnant, consult your midwife or physician and seek their advice.

According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, you should stop dancing at once if you experience symptoms like dizziness, shortness of breath, muscle weakness, painful contractions, chest pain, headache, bleeding or fluid discharge.

Which dance should you choose while pregnant?

Go for aerobic dance with low impact. During the initial few months of pregnancy, Salsa, Samba and Jazz Dance are all good for maintaining proper shape. You can also try out Ballroom Dancing but remember to avoid the lifts. If you wish to go slower, enjoy belly dancing with gentle, slow and controlled movements. Belly dance will help you have a good posture while keeping your back supple.

Which dance should you avoid while pregnant?

Try to avoid Urban, Hip Hop and Street Dance when you are pregnant. These dances normally involve movements that might increase the chances of falling and going through a miscarriage.

You can choose Ballet during pregnancy only if you are comfortable and used to it. Generally, ballet stretches exert immense pressure on the pelvic joints. Standing on one leg for a long time can cause excruciating pelvis pain too.

Tap dancing, too, is not recommended when you are pregnant. The dance includes a series of jumps and hops. It might put stress on your pelvic area and injure your joints. If you still want to continue with Tap Dancing, you can go for gentle taps and steps in place of hops and jumps.

Stay away from all dance forms that involve twists, turns, leaps and jumps. During pregnancy, there is a change in the centre of gravity. This might make you lose balance and fall over. Do not do back bends, strong hip movements or hip twists. These might strain your pelvic joints and back too.

What are the things to keep in mind when dancing during pregnancy?

  • Take time and warm up before you start dancing. This will prepare the muscles and the joints. It will increase your heart rate gradually and make you ready.
  • Carry a bottle of water to your dance class. Drink adequate water to keep yourself hydrated. If you need to eat something, make sure you have a light snack much before the dancing session. Avoid eating just before class. It might lead to indigestion.
  • Go for dance studios that have air conditioning or are well-ventilated. This will prevent you from sweating while dancing. If you choose to use pregnancy dance videos, you will miss the instructions from an experienced dance trainer.
  • Avoid dance moves that include stretching, kicking or standing on one leg. If you find it difficult to maintain your balance, slow down. If any posture gives you pain, stop doing it immediately.

Mild and regulated dancing is not likely to cause miscarriages. However, before you begin a regular dancing schedule during pregnancy, consult an experienced and trained gynecologist. It is important to be under the care of a trained medical practitioner. He or she will be the best person to guide you regarding dance or exercises during pregnancy.

Go for regular check-ups and be expressive about any pain or discomfort that you might experience. Now that you know that dance cannot normally cause miscarriage, what are you waiting for? Drop all worries, follow the precautions and dance to the rhythm of your soul! Related Article: Can Dancing Induce Labor?

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