Bachata Lady Styling is getting more and more popular these days. Thousands of videos are being uploaded to Youtube each month of women dancing social partner dances without their partners. Check out today’s video choreographed by Deisy Carrera from Spain as an example.

YouTube video

From the number of participants in this video, you can see how popular bachata lady styling classes have recently become. Everyone is having fun and enjoying the process. There are a few good reasons why this is happening all over the world.

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1. You don’t need a partner

Yes, the first reason is the most obvious one. You don’t need to depend on your partner to attend such classes. Everyone knows that men can be a rare sighting in dance studios if it’s a partner dance. It’s not always true, but usually, it’s the way things work on the dance floor. By choosing lady styling classes, you eliminate any problems related to the small number of men interested in the dance style of your choice.

2. It makes you a better partner when you dance with one

Bachata Lady Styling classes are based on the same dance structure as regular bachata classes. You learn the same basic steps and moves as you would have to learn with your partner. The main difference is that you also learn various hand/foot styling patterns and body rolls in a more profound and quality-focused way. This way, when you dance next time with the partner, you have more moves in your “vocabulary”, which makes your dance a lot richer.

3. It’s easy to learn and practice

Bachata is relatively easy to grasp for beginners. Bachata music is very straightforward when it comes to beats and structure. You hear bachata music playing pretty much everywhere these days. So basically, it has everything a beginner dancer needs. The only thing that could be missing is the willingness to get up and start dancing. What I’m trying to say is that there is no excuse not to learn this dance.

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