Pole dancing conjures up images of scantily-clad women in strip clubs. But over the years, it has evolved into a legitimate form of dance and athletic performance. So can men realistically pursue pole dancing as a career in 2023? Believe it or not, the answer is yes! I recommend checking out a video by pole dancer Evgeny Greshilov. He performs a powerful, masculine routine to Chris Stapleton’s “Cold” that incorporates dynamic floor work and athletic pole skills.

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Though lighter on time spent on the pole itself, Greshilov’s raw choreography is a perfect example of how pole dance allows men to express strength, emotion, and artistry through movement. Videos like this showcase the exciting possibilities when gender boundaries are left at the door. Let’s dive into it deeper.

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Nowadays, pole dancing studios cater to both men and women. And major pole dancing competitions like the World Pole Sports Championships include male divisions. So the opportunity is there for guys. But breaking into pole dancing professionally still comes with challenges.

The most obvious hurdle is overcoming social stigmas. There’s no sugar coating it – pole dancing is associated with female strippers. So men who pole dance battle stereotypes that it’s effeminate or emasculating. But attitudes are gradually changing as pole dancing gains mainstream acceptance. The rise of male pole dancing pioneers helps accelerate this shift. Prominent male pole dancers like Evgeny Greshilov from our today’s video demonstrate pole dancing requires immense strength and talent. Their artistry challenges gender norms.

But even in the pole community, male dancers still face bias. Some pole studios do not offer classes to men. And major competitions only allow women to enter. This makes it harder for guys to train, perform, and be taken seriously as dancers. The situation is improving with competitions like the International Pole Championship offering open divisions. But exclusivity persists.

Money presents another challenge. Professional pole dancers earn income performing, competing, teaching classes, and selling merchandise. But there simply aren’t as many money-making opportunities for male dancers. Men contend with fewer sponsors and lower prize purses at competitions. And they tend to attract smaller audiences for performances compared to their female counterparts. It takes exceptional talent and business savvy for men to make good livings.

Physical differences also factor in. Women tend to have an easier time pole dancing because they’re shorter and lighter on average. They can execute tricks like climbing and spinning more effortlessly than men. Gripping the pole strongly for long periods causes greater fatigue for larger male dancers. So mastering advanced pole skills requires immense discipline and training for guys.

Despite all this, determined men can absolutely succeed as pro pole dancers. It just takes passion, persistence, hard work, and courage. Up-and-coming male dancers find niches like incorporating acrobatics and gymnastics to develop unique styles. And they rely heavily on social media for exposure. With time, their talents shine through and travel by word of mouth.

So while the path is full of challenges, men can pole dance professionally if they have the drive. The torchbearers out there are proving male dancers bring artistry, athleticism, and versatility. And they’re actively redefining stereotypes of what pole dancing represents in our culture. Pretty soon, batting an eyelash at male pole dancers may become a thing of the past. The doors are opening wider for guys to proudly own the pole. And that prospect is pretty uplifting.

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