The twinkling lights are hung, the Christmas tunes playing nonstop, and suddenly women feel the irresistible urge to sparkle. As the holiday season kicks into high gear, so does our desire to look and feel special. We adorn ourselves in glittering accessories, don glamorous party dresses, and gather to connect, celebrate…and dance.

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The holidays usher in vibrant social dance events that feed the feminine fancy for beauty and self-expression. Kizomba, Bachata, Salsa – their rhythms beckon us to dance floors across the land, where the spiritual and the sensual meet in harmonious motion. As weekends fill with Christmas dance parties, women grace the gatherings in their holiday finest, eager to dazzle and be dazzled.

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The simple act of dressing up also lifts our spirits during this socially saturated season. Gliding our hands over sumptuous velvets or silky satins brings sensory delight amidst the busyness. Slinky cocktail dresses in jewel tones and slinky sheaths adorned with lace, beads, or rhinestones make us feel bella, embodying confidence and radiance. By taking time for self-care rituals like pampering our skin, styling our hair, and applying a touch of holiday glitter, we reconnect with our bodies in the bustle. Tuning inward to nourish our feminine essence reflects outer sparkle.

Beauty has never been one-dimensional – it encompasses outer adornment and inner glow, strength and softness, earthiness grounded in glittering ethereality. And for centuries, dance has embraced this spectrum of feminine expression. En pointe or barefoot, in graceful leaps or sensuous hips swivels, dance lets us tap into beauty, power, vulnerability, joy.

Nurturing our desire to shine during the holidays through dance and adornment is an act of self-care, a gift we bestow upon ourselves. In a season devoted to giving, we often overlook our own needs and get depleted in our servitude. Seeking beauty through boudoir photoshoots, glitter manicures, or rhinestone-lined ballgowns may seem frivolous, especially for those who can’t afford it. But operating from a scarcity mentality where self-care is deemed non-essential only breeds more lack and dissatisfaction. Tuning into our authentic desires and getting creative about fulfilling them often benefits others downstream through our increased sense of empowerment and presence.

So this Christmas, consider indulging the senses and your secret longing to shine amongst the familiar chaos. Release perfectionistic expectations, decline an obligation or two, and make more space for joy. Say yes to dancing even if you feel unskilled. Dress to express your unique beauty even among the sparkling sea of sequins and red lipstick. You need not vie for beauty or temper your light so others feel comfortable. Reclaim the power to define beauty on your own terms, to follow your bliss unapologetically. When we, women, tap into our radiance and power, we lift the collective. Our beauty was never meant to be compared or competitive – it exists for us all in endless supply. So let’s shine on and savor the grace of glittering togetherness this season. The dance has only just begun.

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