Maylie Baroness is a Kizomba lady styling instructor from Brussels, Belgium who is well known for her body isolation and control. And this video is the perfect demonstration of that. The amount of control that Maylie has over every part of her body, and especially her hips and torso, is absolutely insane!

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Kizomba dancing has always involved some key elements of body isolation. With traditional Kizomba dancing, you pretty much have to dissociate your hips from your upper body because there is very little movement in your upper body and a whole lot of movement in your hips! You may have seen the challenge videos making the rounds of people doing Kizomba hip movements while balancing a variety of objects on their heads. Yes, this is why!

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Maylie isn’t just using traditional Kizomba hip isolations in this video. She is also incorporating some really breathtaking hip-hop body isolations. The amount of control that you need to perform these kinds of moves is so impressive, and it makes the dancers look quite otherworldly. When you see people isolate parts of their body that wouldn’t normally move on their own and control them to this level, it can almost difficult to believe that it’s possible. And the end result is mesmerising to watch!

It can sometimes be hard for people to see how traditional Kizomba dancing has merged into the Urban Kiz style, but this video is a great explanation. Yes, Urban Kiz does have a whole range of other influences, such as Tango, Semba, and Brazillian Zouk, among others. But the hip-hop elements of Urban Kiz fuse brilliantly with Kizomba because you can use that body isolation technique from your hips and take it around your body. When you see it in action like Maylie displays here, it all makes perfect sense.

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