Music and movement have a magical way of uniting people across cultures. This is beautifully illustrated in a today’s bachata dance video choreographed by Gintarė Malinauskaitė, an international dancer and teacher from Lithuania. The video features a group of women gracefully dancing in sync to the rhythmic sounds of “Te Espero” by Prince Royce and Maria Becerra. Their footwork is intricate yet fluid as they perform their routine across the floor of what appears to be a professional dance studio.

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Bachata originates from the Dominican Republic and is a lively partner dance known for its sensual hip motions and close embrace. This choreography showcases the technical side of bachata, with the dancers executing complicated arm and body stylings at a rapid pace – hence the name ‘lady styling‘. Their shoulders shimmy and hips sway in time with the tropical beat as they seamlessly transition between different formations. It’s clear their movement vocabulary extends far beyond basic bachata, incorporating elements of other Latin dances and urban dance styles.

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The changing dynamics and patterns keep your eyes glued to the screen, as no two eight-counts are the same. One moment they are stepping in unison, arms gracefully framing their face, while the next they have paired up to lead-and-follow. Gintarė has crafted a dance experience that keeps you guessing, right until the final triumphant pose.

While the choreography appears complex and even intimidating at times, it is a reminder that dance is for everyone regardless of age, background or experience level. The joy and confidence exuded by the dancers is contagious. Their performance makes you want to get up and move your body to the infectious bachata rhythm.

Many local dance studios offer all-level bachata classes for those looking to dip their toes into partner dancing. Beginners would likely start with the basic step and hip motion before building up to faster songs and more complex arm and shoulder styles. Bachata’s basic steps can translate to other Latin partner dances like salsa and merengue as well, making it a great starting point for developing your dance technique.

An added perk of signing up for bachata classes as a solo participant is the opportunity to switch partners every few songs. Most studios encourage dancers to mingle and try dancing with different people, rather than sticking with one partner the entire class. This keeps the atmosphere social and gives beginners a chance to experience leading and following. Plus, you may just discover your new favorite dance partner this way!

While partner dancing offers unique benefits, lady styling classes like the one seen in this video have great value for women looking to build body awareness and unleash their inner power. The supportive sisterhood formed in a women’s class is magical too. Dancing with other women fosters confidence in yourself and your community.

At its core, dance is about feeling the music and expressing joy through movement. That is the takeaway from every dance video we post here on our website. When we shed inhibitions and allow our bodies to flow freely, we can connect to the diverse rhythms of the world. What music or dance style is calling you? It’s never too late to start moving in new ways!

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