Looking to add some sunshine to your day? Check out the latest dance video from popular Brasilian choreographer Ramana Borba. She teams up with dancer Erika Moraes to perform an energetic routine set against the dramatic seaside backdrops of their homeland. With infectious beats and feel-good vibes, this video provides a vibrant escape that will having you moving in your seat.

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Ramana and Erika break it down to “Pras Novinha” by Mc Livinho, DJ LK da Escócia, DJ Breno. Their fluid afro-inspired and dancehall-flavored choreography captures the spirit of the location. Arms slice through the air as hips twerk and slide. It’s impossible not to smile watching their playful interactions and the way their bodies instinctively interpret the pulsing rhythms.

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The production value is top-notch here. Shots alternate between the dancers performing on the boardwalk and in front of palm trees. The camera work is dynamic, with clever angles, capturing every motion and close-ups that showcase the intricacies of the footwork and arm movements. Quick cuts between locations keep the visual interest high.

While this video may not have garnered the astronomical views of some of Ramana’s more viral hits, it remains a treat for the eyes and ears. The joy they exude is contagious. You can’t help but tap your toes as Ramana and Erika dance with carefree abandon. It’s the perfect pick-me-up when you need an infusion of energy and positivity.

Beyond entertainment, this video also serves as inspiration. It’s a reminder that dance can be for anyone. You don’t need to be a certain age or have years of technique to learn new styles and have fun with movement. Your local adult dance studios offer classes for all levels. Show up solo and you’ll likely leave having made new friends. The social aspects are a big part of the appeal.

Even if you’ve never danced a step in your life, classes cater to beginners. The skills build progressively so anyone can follow along. Styles like afro and dancehall are welcoming to newcomers. Their rooted cultural traditions translate well to group instruction. And the steps can help you gain confidence to try other genres down the road.

Dancing provides benefits beyond physical fitness. Learning routines, nailing down sequences, and finally putting it all together in a class performance is fulfilling. Moving your body to the beat liberates self-expression. The shared experience bonds you to others. It all adds up to a sense of joyful accomplishment.

Life pulls us in many directions, but we all need creative outlets for release. Like Ramana and Erika radiating positivity as they dance under sunny Brasilian skies, we could use more carefree moments where we simply let go and have fun. Their video motivates us to seek out local classes in our own communities. Find a style that speaks to you and start swaying to new rhythms. Channel your inner dancer – it’s never too late to try!

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