If you get the impression watching this video that these two kizomba dancers are the real deal, you would be absolutely right. Ivo Viera and Sara Lopez are both really respected names in the kizomba world, and in the wider dance world as well. This really is kizomba dance to perfection and it must have been an amazing experience to be one of the people there watching in person. Being able to see how it’s done so close up is such a great experience.

YouTube video

Ivo Vieira is a choreographer and dancer from Portugal and he sees himself as a pioneer of Afro-Latin dance styles throughout the world. He currently lives in the USA where he runs his own dance company – the Ivo Viera Dance Company – which teaches Brazilian Zouk, kizomba, and semba. He also formed the first North American Zouk and Kizomba congress. Ivo performs around the world in festivals and congresses, teaches workshops, and performs his dance and choreography on the internet for the whole world to enjoy.

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Sara Lopez is a world-renowned dancer. She started dancing at a young age, starting ballet at 5 and eventually gaining an honours certificate from the Royal Ballet of London. While studying there, she added flamenco, contemporary, jazz, and funk to her repertoire. Later, she also excelled at belly dancing, salsa, and Latin. When she was 22, Sara moved to the USA and found kizomba, coming in second at the Africadancar contest in Madrid, 2010. Now, Sara travels the world giving workshops and performing, and she also uses the internet to show her talent and skills to the world.

So, yes. These Ivo Vieira and Sara Lopez really are the real deal. They are both incredibly talented and accomplished dancers and performers, so seeing them perform together really is something special. Enjoy!

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