As women, we’ve all been there – standing in front of the mirror critiquing every lump, bump and “imperfection” on our bodies. Society bombards us with messages that the only beautiful bodies are thin ones. But honey, let me tell you, our delicious curves deserve celebrating too! Take a look at how our sister Say Ferdyy is dancing kizomba with Tony Pirata and how everyone around her admires her curves.

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That’s where kizomba comes in. This sensual partner dance from Angola is blowing up on the social dance scene, and its community has become a welcome place for women to shake what their mamas gave them. Kizomba’s subtle hip movements and close embrace between partners are designed to make you feel those curves in motion.

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The kizomba community embraces bodies of all shapes and sizes. Unlike many dance scenes dominated by skinny women, kizomba events attract curvy women who wow with their confidence and rhythm on the dance floor.

Jessica, a juicy sister I met at Dubai Latin Festival, told me how the dance helped her stop seeing her curves as flaws. “Kizomba forced me to embrace the skin I’m in,” she said. “I had to get sensual with all my soft bits and pieces to really feel the music. Now my curves make me feel beautiful.”

The tantalizing hip circles and body rolls of kizomba require you to tune into sensations many women silence or criticize. But moving through insecurity into acceptance is freeing. Kizomba lovers know our bodies’ natural curves and rhythms are something to glory in, not fight against. Feeling good in our skin is our birthright. Kizomba gives women permission to claim it.

Ladies, next time you look in the mirror, remember that kizomba sees no flaw in your beautiful curves, only more of you to love. Strike a Beyonce pose and give your mama-given booty a celebratory shake. You are glorious! Now let’s dance.

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