Transport yourself to a beautiful seaside promenade and sway to the rhythms of kizomba by watching an enchanting new dance video filmed on location. The video features students of the Status Dance Studio – seven couples effortlessly floating across the walkway in coordinated steps, dressed in crisp white outfits that stand out against the blue sky and shimmering water behind them. Their dancing seems almost hypnotic against this scenic backdrop, check it out:

YouTube video

The couples in this video make kizomba look as easy and organic as breathing. It’s probably a little less romantic and more cheerful than usual, but the choreography goes really well with the faster tempo music they dance to, especially the first part. Their steps flow smoothly like water as they sashay in unison. Their matching outfits only accentuate how in tune they are and how much fun they have.

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Kizomba, originally from Angola, is a style of partner dance that has been growing in popularity around the world. It’s traditionally danced to seductive, romantic music with a slow, syncopated beat. The name kizomba comes from the Kimbundu word “kizombo” meaning “party.” The dance emerged in the 1950s when Angolans combined traditional African moves with Caribbean zouk to create a new, uniquely sensual partner dance.

Unlike flashy, high-energy salsa or tango, kizomba is most of the time smooth and intimate. Dance partners stay close together, coordinated through subtle body movements and connection rather than elaborate turns and tricks. It looks effortless, but achieving this flawless synchronicity actually requires significant skill, sensitivity, and communication between leaders and followers. When it clicks, the chemistry between kizomba dancers can be palpable.

For anyone mesmerized by the beauty of the today’s dancing, the good news is that kizomba is accessible at any age and experience level. Many dance studios offer beginner kizomba classes that welcome singles and couples alike. You don’t need to bring a partner to start learning as most such dance schools practice partner rotation. Kizomba emphasizes connection and communication, so even complete novices can enjoy dancing making new friends.

With its romantic vibe and technically simple, swaying steps, kizomba is the perfect dance for weddings or date nights too. Dancing cheek-to-cheek with your partner, you’ll understand why kizomba translates so well to Social dancing.

So if you’ve ever wanted to get out on the dance floor but felt intimidated, this dance style can be a great starting point. Its slow, smooth pace means you can focus on the feeling rather than getting steps right. Dancing to beautiful music in harmony with a partner is a sensational feeling, like the couples in this video. See if your local studio offers kizomba classes and start your dancing journey today.

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