If you’re new to the dancing world, you might be wondering what people mean when they talk about a dance congress or festival. And you should definitely try to attend one if you ever get the chance! A dance congress is a multi-day event that is focused on a particular dance style, or a group of dance styles. And they are full to the brim with fun.

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The bulk of the days at a dance congress is taken up with workshops. At these, you will have the chance to attend lessons by the best of the best in your chosen dance style. They are inspirational and a really unique opportunity to hone your skills. Check out this video of Albir Rojas and Sara Panero at the 2016 Luxembourg Kizomba Festival for an idea of just how good the workshops can be!

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One of the best parts of attending a dance congress is the opportunity to take part in the socials. There are usually social dances every night and at the bigger festivals, they are spread across multiple dance halls. If it’s a congress that is a mix of different dance styles, you might have each one in a separate hall. Or the halls can be split by ability/experience. The dances can last well into the night and even as long as the next morning, so be prepared to (almost literally) dance your socks off!


You will usually also get the opportunity to see some amazing performances at the congress shows. There can be a variety of dancers in the shows, including national or international stars but also individuals or groups from local dance companies getting a chance to showcase their skills.

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Quite possibly the very best thing about going to a dance congress is the chance to get to know other people with the same passion for dance that you have. You are pretty much guaranteed to make some firm friendships over the course of the event and make some amazing memories at the same time!

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