Anna Belykh is a dancer and choreographer from Russia and she definitely knows how to choreograph bachata lady style! As you can see from this video, Anna and her dance group bring the perfect amount of bachata attitude and sensuality to their dance, while at the same time being perfectly in sync.

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Anna dances both bachata lady style and bachata as a couple’s dance. With her dance partner, she has performed at congresses and festivals and has competed at the Russian Bachata Masters, coming in first in 2017. This video is a good example of how bachata has evolved.

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Traditional bachata was danced in the Dominican Republic and was inspired by Spanish dances such as the bolero. At its core are a few basic steps – side, side, forward and side, side, back – in a box style shape. Bachata also adds syncopations, which are steps that you do between the beats rather than on them.

From these basic elements, a whole host of bachata styles have evolved. Bachata moderna added in influences from tango, ballroom, contemporary, and salsa, among others. These brought in more intricate footwork and more accentuated movements. Springing from bachata moderna, we have bachata sensual. This is a whole dance style of its own and it has influences from hip-hop dancing, including body isolation movements, body waves, and dips.

When you watch Anna and her group dance, and you know about these different bachata styles, you can pick up on all the influences that have made the choreography what it is. You can see the traditional bachata box steps, the intricate footwork of bachata moderna, as well as the body isolation movements of bachata sensual. When all these styles come together as they do in this video, you really get to see why bachata has become as popular as it is.

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