Dancing is loaded with various important health benefits. If you wish to shed a few kilos and boost your overall fitness, you can turn to dance happily. It is a fun-filled exercise which is great for losing some weight. You can either dance to your most loved and favorite tunes or get admitted to a formal dance class at a local dance studio. You can also watch various dance videos available online to learn some moves and lose a few calories. Here is “Yummy” dance workout video by Caleb Marshall to get you started.

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How can dancing help you to lose weight?

Dancing can help you reduce a good amount of weight. The only thing is that, you need to practice it regularly and with extreme commitment. Dancing can also enhance your muscle strength. By building lean muscle mass, you will burn more fat.

Dance helps to increase your stamina. It improves your flexibility, mobility and makes your immune system strong. It also reduces the risk of chronic medical conditions such as different heart diseases and diabetes. With regular dancing, you will get better sleep too.

Dance also works as a great stress buster. Since dance is a form of aerobic exercise, it helps you improve your mood and decrease the chances of depression.

Which are the best dances for losing weight?


The dance form of Zumba involves a series of slow and fast-paced movements. Such a high-intensity exercise will help you burn more calories than merely dancing at a fixed speed. Zumba also lets you train your muscles and strengthen them. When you dance it, you burn around 9.5 calories every minute on an average. Take a closer look at our list of the best dance sneakers if you plan to join any type of dance workout classes soon. Dance sneakers are different from the regular ones. They are specifically designed to withstand this type of high-intensity activity, keep your feet comfortable during the exercises and will last you a lot longer.


If both you and your partner are looking for a dance form to lose some fat, then Salsa is the ultimate dance form that can help you. This dance includes bending, swirling and swaying motions. This helps you to keep your body flexible. If you do Salsa regularly, you can lose up to 420 calories.

Hip Hop:

Hip hop is a high impact, a high-intensity form of dancing. It includes steps of contemporary dance forms as well as break dance. Hip hop increases your muscle strength, especially your core and leg muscles. It is also known for increasing coordination and activeness. Hip hop includes a lot of high impacts repetitive motions. Make sure you do them correctly or you might get hurt.

Belly Dancing:

This is a very famous and popular form of dance. It looks very attractive and stylish too. If you want to lose a few pounds immediately, you should choose belly dancing. In this dance, you need to move your torso according to the beats. If you practice belly dancing for even half an hour every day, you can easily lose around 300 calories.

What are the safety precautions that you should take while dancing?

  • Before you start, do some stretching exercises. This is part of the warm-up.
  • Drink a limited quantity of water while dancing.
  • Make sure that you get your postures correct. Inappropriate postures might increase your chances of injury. Practice dancing in front of mirrors to get accurate postures.
  • If you are new to dance, take time and learn the steps well before you begin.
  • If you feel pain or discomfort at any time, stop immediately. Though some forms of dance are challenging, they should never hurt you.
  • Whenever you face difficulty in doing a dance step, seek help from your dance instructor.
  • Ensure that your surroundings are free from all kinds of clutter. Have ample space so that you can dance comfortably.
  • After your dance session is over, take time to cool down. Have a sufficient amount of water. Sit down and rest for a while till you can catch your breath. You can also try some deep breathing exercises. They would help you calm down and cool yourself.

Dance is a great form of workout. If you want to maintain ideal health, you need to dance around 30 minutes every day. The faster you will dance, the more calories you will burn. Along with dancing, you need to maintain a healthy diet too for losing weight. Check out this post to learn about all the benefits the dance can provide. So, what are you waiting for? Set the atmosphere, plug in the music, and dance like no one is watching you!

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