Whether you’re learning to dance for the first time or you’re looking to learn a new dance like kizomba, finding the right dance studio can make all the difference. When you find that perfect dance studio, your kizomba dancing might end up looking just like today’s video Natalia Ulanova leading a group of dancers. But if you find the wrong one, your kizomba dancing might never get off the ground at all.

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Choosing the right instructors

Teaching is a skill in its own right and it is a separate skill from dancing and choreography. Some dance teachers are amazing at creating and performing dances but aren’t quite as gifted at imparting that wisdom onto their students.

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It isn’t always easy to tell whether a prospective instructor is going to be good at teaching from their social media posts alone, but you can get an idea from doing a little digging. Personal recommendations are, of course, the gold standard because you will be able to hear firsthand exactly what their teaching style is like. But you can also get a good idea from reading reviews on social media or watching any available videos of their dance classes being run.

Check out the condition of the studio

Visiting the studio can give you an idea of how much is being invested into it and how successful it is. A poorly maintained studio doesn’t necessarily mean that the dance classes are going to be awful but it can be a sign that it doesn’t have as much repeat custom as others. Again, reading reviews to get a better picture of how popular the studio is overall can help you to understand what’s going on beneath the surface.

What sort of programs are on offer?

When learning a new dance, it can be important for you to have a clear progression. A detailed training program with clear pathways from beginner levels to intermediate levels and beyond suggests that you will be supported in your dance journey. A studio without these kinds of programs might leave you floundering at too low a level without the opportunity to truly improve.

Ask for a trial class

The only way to really know how well a dance studio will fit your needs is to try it out in person. Studios that offer a trial class give you the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the class where you will quickly get a feel for whether or not it will work for you. Here is how our website Dancelifemap can help you find the best dance studio near you.

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