Belly dancing is a fun and energetic style of dance with a rich cultural history. It also looks very impressive when it is performed by people with years of practice under their belt, due to the insane level of muscle control and body isolation that they can achieve. Check out our today’s video of Jasirah Bellydance and be prepared to have your mind blown!

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Of course, going to a belly dancing class is the best way to get trained up and improve your skills, but there are also loads of resources out there that can help you to learn how to belly dance at home. YouTube is full of easy-to-follow tutorials that can help you build up your skills in your own time.

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Let’s take a quick look at some of the belly dance moves you might learn first:

1) Ab isolation/belly rolls. This is one of the belly dance moves that people will marvel at and it involves learning to move the top part of your abs separately to the bottom part. This can take some practice and looking in the mirror can help. Or you could lie on the floor and place one hand at the top and one hand at the bottom so you can feel your muscles.

2) Shimmy. The shimmy is a core move in belly dancing, and it is something you can learn quite easily. Stand straight with your feet flat on the floor and then bend each leg in turn. This will push the hip up. Once you speed up this move, you will shimmy!

3) Hip drop. This is similar to the shimmy but you point one leg out in front. Have both knees bent at first and then straighten the front leg to drop your hip.

Buying a belly dance hip scarf can not only help you to look the part but it can also help to improve your skills, because it adds weight and audio feedback when you move. Check out our handy guide to belly dance hip scarves we’ve mentioned before to look closer at all the available options.

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