Many people have the wrong idea about what lady styling is. It isn’t about showing off and cramming every single move you can think of into your time dancing solo. It is about dancing in a way that is in keeping with the style that you are performing. Of course, you use lady styling to show off your individual skills but you don’t always need to showboat. Check out this video of some kizomba lady styling to see how it’s done. These dancers are clearly skilled but none of them is forcing any of their movements and the dance is still obviously kizomba.

YouTube video

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t try a little fusion in your lady styling. If you are dancing in a lady styling group like in the video then adding some extra elements from other dance styles such as salsa or ballroom can add an extra level to the dance and if you are dancing on your own or with a partner they can definitely help you to shine. But you should always stay true to the core dance style that you are performing.

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The key to getting lady styling right is to focus on what works for you and your personality (unless you are performing choreography as a group). Lady styling is elegant and sophisticated and it shows who you are as a person and as a dancer. Practice in the mirror to see what looks good for you. Watching videos or learning from your instructor can help but you’re looking at what looks good for them so taking the time to understand your body and your style will do wonders for elevating your lady styling.

Arms are definitely important. Anyone who has been dancing for a long time will have an enviable amount of control over their arms, right down to the tips of every finger. And for your lady styling to be perfect, you should learn to do the same. With that being said, you don’t want your arm movements to be too ostentatious or showy. They should be subtle and elegant, and help to elongate your body and your poise.

Body isolation is another key element of lady styling. As with the other elements, you don’t need to show off too much but having the skills to perform some body isolation movements will take your lady styling to the next level. It will look complex and skillful and will elevate your dancing as a whole.

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