For today’s video of the day, we have a women’s flash mob dancing Kizomba. The women are all wearing similar clothing and dancing in synchronized lines. They’re utilizing mostly footwork and hip movements which is in line with the Kizomba style of dance.

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Kizomba is an African style of dance. While it’s usually known for being a close-contact, partner-based style, the chorus line style we’re seeing in this video is also popular. While the chorus line is still definitely a type of Kizomba dance, it’s very clearly distinct from the intimate partner dancing that is more common. There’s still a bit of sensuality with the dance since the dancers are still incorporating hip movements and body rolls, but the close contact and interaction between the partners are incredibly different.

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Kizomba is rapidly gaining popularity, especially in ballroom dance studios. The steps utilized are typically easy to pick up and are fun to follow. That coupled with the grace of the style has made it attractive to those that want to learn how to dance.

Part of becoming a great Kizomba dancer is making your moves look fluid and effortless. While the steps are easy, a lot of the beauty of the style comes from the music. Dancers in this style rely more on the music to motivate their movements. It’s not enough to memorize the steps, you have to really feel them to be a master at this style.

But don’t let that discourage you. There are plenty of dance classes available where you’ll be able to learn with other people at a similar skill level. There are only a few starter steps that when practiced can be combined to create interesting routines. As you become more skilled, you will learn to incorporate the music into your dance rather than it just being background noise.

If you’re interested in dancing, it’s always worth taking a class or just moving your body to some music you like. Dance is an art form and like any other art, practice makes perfect. Even if you don’t fully understand what’s going on during your first try, keep at it! Pretty soon you’ll be grooving along and maybe even coming up with your own routines.

Expressing yourself creatively is always important so if dance is your cup of tea, you should definitely pursue it! Not only could you live a more fulfilled life, but it’s also a great way to get yourself moving.

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