Kpop is big business. Really big business! Kpop idols, as the performers are known, have millions of adoring fans, or “Kpop stans”, all around the world. And their fans are extremely invested! One of the biggest draws of Kpop is the dance performances that the different groups put on. What you may not realize is that some of the Kpop idols are actually really talented contemporary and interpretative dancers.

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Kpop is short for Korean popular music. It started in South Korea but it has now become a truly global phenomenon. The music itself is a mish-mash of different styles, such as Korean pop, hip-hop, rock, electro, and dance. And the dancing reflects these different stylistic elements. You can see Kpop idols doing hip-hop, modern dance, street dance, and jazz-funk.

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Some Kpop idols are also skilled contemporary dancers and these performances can be absolutely beautiful. Possibly the most famous classically trained Kpop dancer is Jimin, but he isn’t the only one. Check out this video of Ten and Winwin dancing to Lovely by Billie Eilish and Khalid. They came up with the concept and wrote the choreography themselves and when the video was released, it took the Kpop world by storm!

Ten and Winwin say that fans can interpret the routine in any way that they like, but that they conceptualized it as being a demonstration of something pure being corrupted by the bad forces of the world. It is a hauntingly beautiful piece of choreography both in its own right and as a piece of Kpop.

Kpop idols have often been dismissed by popular culture as being superficial or artificial, but this video and others like it are starting to turn the tide. It’s hard to dismiss the immense talent of Kpop idols when you watch a performance like this!

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