Bachata is a popular Latin dance style. It is sometimes thought of as more of a street dance than the more traditional Latin dance styles, but that doesn’t stop it from being a skillful and interesting dance to perform. If you are at the beginning of your bachata journey and you want to learn how to get even better, read on for our handy guide.

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Check out our today’s video of Barbara Gambatesa and Antonio Russo doing the most beautiful bachata dancing in Naples. They are truly dancing as one, which is the hallmark of a great bachata couple and are a wonderful inspiration for beginner bachata dancers looking to improve their own musicality and connection.

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So to get actually good at bachata, I’m afraid there won’t be any shortscuts and easy fixes. It will take a lot of time and dedication, but don’t be discouraged, because the journey itself will be well worth it. Let’s get into it:

  1. Practice, practice, practice: Making sure not to miss a dance class if you can help it will definitely improve your skills. But, beyond that, you should be practicing outside of class time as well, and as much as possible. Get used to doing bachata in your kitchen whenever you get a chance.
  2. Go to social dances: Social dances might seem a little intimidating at first but they really are the best way of upping your bachata skills, and they are a lot of fun too! Learning how to dance with different partners will have you thinking of your feet and learning new moves at the same time. You’ll also have a chance to show off your dance dresses and make lots of new friends.
  3. Find a partner: While dancing with different partners at a social can help to improve your skills, finding a regular partner to dance with can also help. You can bounce ideas off each other, teach each other new moves, and really get a feel for how to dance with each other well.
  4. Get inspired: If today’s video inspired you, go searching for more. There are countless bachata videos and tutorials that you can watch and you could even get the chance to attend a workshop by a bachata master. Absorb as much as you can from the experts and study what they do so that you can aim that bit higher.
  5. Immerse yourself: Beyond just watching videos and taking the occasional class, really throw yourself into the bachata scene wherever you are. Get to know the other dancers and instructors, go out to see live bands, and breathe and live the culture of bachata dance. It will rub off on you and your dance skills.

If you dedicate yourself fully to improving as a bachata dancer, stay motivated through the challenges, and immerse yourself in the dance community, you’ll be impressing partners in no time with your smooth moves and musicality. Just take it one dance at a time, never forget to have fun and enjoy the rewarding journey!

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