Today’s video features Anna Belykh, a Bachata dancer and choreographer based in Russia. She leads four other women dancing the Bachata Lady Style to Dustin Richie’s “Tu”. Watch how sensually feminine their moves are, flowing easily with grace and lightness. as they revel in their natural womanliness!

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Originating in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, Bachata is widely danced all over the world but not similarly, as each dancer incorporates their own cultural and personal self-expression while dancing. The original Dominican Republic Bachata dance sequence is a full 8-count, moving within a square. In the West, dancers developed a simpler pattern, still dancing to a full 8-count but with a side-to-side motion, keeping one’s body loose all throughout.

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The basics involve 3 steps: Cuban hip motion (rhythmic rotation of the hips around the spine), followed by a tap, then a hip movement on the 4th beat. The knees are slightly bent so the dancer can sway their hips more smoothly. The hip movements are the soul of the dance.

Bachata is a dance style often performed with a partner to express one’s feelings one has for the other. Traditionally, it was believed that the more frequently and smoothly the hips are moved, the more feelings the dancer has for the other. After all, Bachata originated as a mating call. So, if you were selected for a Bachata, you were chosen as a mate. Two Bachata dances with the same person sealed the deal.

Today, Bachata can also be danced alone, just to express one’s self, like in this video of women dancing in their sublime femininity happily and effortlessly! The basic 3-step sequence goes like this: move side, side, side, then a pop of the hip to the side that follows. After this, move the same way in the opposite direction while your body keeps moving and your hips keep swaying. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can spice up your dance with more advanced moves and add your personal flair to it.

Lady Style Bachata refers to the elegant moves a lady dancer makes. It’s centered on dancing in a way that suits your authentic you as you move naturally with the music. Although traditional Bachata focuses on lower body movements up to the hips, Lady Stye Bachata incorporates a lot of arm movements, with the upper body gently and sensually swaying with the arm movements.

Since the basic steps are fairly easy to learn, Bachata is perfect for beginners. Dance Life Map helps you find a dance class in your area here.

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