Online dance classes and tutorials have been taking the world by storm in recent years, and it is becoming more and more common for everybody to be able to access some of the best dance classes right from the comfort of their own home. But dancing at home can be quite tricky at times because our living areas and bedrooms weren’t designed with dancing in mind. An at-home dance studio can change the way you dance at home and, in turn, help to improve your dancing. If you want a dance studio just like the one in today’s video of Cornel and Rithika you definitely can. And it isn’t as difficult as it might seem at first.

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Find the right space

Choosing the room you are going to use for your dance studio is key. You need enough space to move around and for any dance equipment you plan on using during sessions. You should also be mindful of the impact your dancing may have on the other people in your home. Choosing a room on the ground floor or basement will mean that the sound of your music and dancing won’t travel around the house quite so much.

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Finding the right flooring is also important when creating your at-home dance studio. Dancing on carpet doesn’t really work because you can’t spin or slide. Equally, dancing on concrete can damage your joints. Wooden flooring is always the best choice for a dance studio and, if you want to really make it professional, you can buy sprung wooden flooring for your home.


A full wall mirror is a great idea for your dance studio. Being able to see yourself as you dance is key for you to improve because you can see the adjustments that you need to make. This is especially important if you are taking dance classes at home without an instructor present.


A decent sound system can help you to get into the music as you dance and a flatscreen TV can be the perfect way of streaming your dance class or tutorial in a place that is easy to see the entire time you dance.

The bottom line

Creating a dedicated dance studio in your home will not only give you the proper space to dance but it can also allow you the space to get in touch with your creativity and focus solely on your dancing and the music, especially if you decorate it in your own way. It is surprisingly easy to set up a dance studio in your home and it doesn’t have to be expensive. And it can be a wonderful addition to your dancing life!

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