If you’re thinking of incorporating some form of dance into your fitness routine, there is no doubt that belly dance is a great option. Not only is it an incredible workout for your body, but it also has a lot of other benefits that can enhance your everyday life, too. It will definitely help you burn lots of calories, stay fit, and keep you energized between classes, but let’s be real, it will not give you a six-pack. To get more defined muscles and get the ultimate body, you’ll need to combine belly dancing with strength training and plenty of cardio workouts.

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Take a look at Jasirah belly dancing to a drum solo in Sicily as an example. You can easily notice that all those body rolls, isolated hip drops and chest lifts combined with a variety of other fast-paced movements can be a great physical training session, especially when practiced regularly. You can expect to burn around 300 calories per hour by practicing even the most basic moves. However, belly dancing is a lot more beneficial than that. It also improves posture, flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance.

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Flexibility is one of the most important components of physical fitness. It is the ability to move freely and easily through a full range of motion in all joints. There are many stretches that are used in belly dancing and these help to improve flexibility in the hips, shoulders, neck, ankles, spine, and more. Plus, they help to increase blood circulation throughout the body, which helps to detoxify all the tissues and ultimately strengthen the immune system.

Any dance in general is a great form of exercise because it works all the major muscle groups simultaneously while engaging your core to maintain balance and stability. It’s also a lot more fun than most other types of exercises, so you’re more likely to stick with it. The great thing about belly dancing is that it requires minimal equipment so it’s relatively inexpensive to get started. This also means it won’t take up a lot of space in your home so you can practice at home without worrying about clearing up after yourself.

If you are thinking about joining a belly dance class or starting to practice at home on your own, it’s important to make sure you start with the basics first so you don’t injure yourself. It’s always a good idea to consult a doctor before beginning any exercise program to make sure there are no underlying health conditions. Other than that, it’s just a matter of getting out there and having fun. So go on… give belly dancing a try!

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