Kizomba has become a very popular dance style to learn in recent years. It was developed in Angola in the late 1800s and is derived from semba. Semba itself is a mix of Angolan merengue and tribal Kilapanda dancing. It is characterized by impressive hip movements and its most basic step is a side-to-side two-step. Most of the time kizomba is danced in a close couple embrace, in line with its merengue roots. But not always.

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Dancing kizomba solo or in a group is also a popular way of performing the dance and this ties in with its Kilapanda roots. Check out this video by Estúdio Sabor & Dança of a women’s dance group performing kizomba also known as Kizomba Lady Style and you can see how impressive it can look when danced this way.

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Of course, it helps that every person is completely in sync with their movements, and these precise movements are key to nailing kizomba group dancing. Every person in the group has to hit each step exactly in time for the whole routine to come together and there is very little room for error.

If you want to learn kizomba or you want to branch out from partner kizomba dancing to dancing in a group, there are lots of schools and studios that offer this option. As you can see from the video, you don’t need any special clothing to dance it, although it might be worth investing in a decent pair of dance shoes. The shoes the women are wearing may look like normal ones, but they are actually specially designed dance shoes.

Proper dance shoes really can make all the difference because they are specifically made in a way to give your foot plenty of flexibility as well as the perfect balance between grip and glide on the floor. If you’re stuck for what shoes to buy, check out our handy guide to dance shoes for women and girls.

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